A world where the dream of future comes true

SK Communications is Korea’s representing internet company that operates
Nate is the portal service people go to for joy and useful information
NateOn is the most widely used wired and mobile network sync messenger service
Cymera is a simple and convenient solution for taking and retouching pictures, and applying filters and stickers
SK Communications will always do our best to provide differentiated service in customer’s perspective.

  • NATE
  • nateOn
  • cymera


"People that leads change on the Internet"

In the rapidly changing internet environment, accurately understanding the current and future needs of various customers and providing the innovative value is the most important competitive factor. SK Communications will do its best to provide the new experience and value to the customers by putting our customers as our first priority and will continuously challenge to be No. 1 in the global by rapid decision-making and execution.

  • Customer
    Our customer is near us. We will do our best to create a service that adds happy experiences for our customers by deeply and widely understanding our various customer’s need, including me, my family and my friends.
  • Speed
    We will provide higher level of innovative service by responding to the change of world by faster speed than anyone else and by increasing the speed of decision-making and cooperation to pursue happy experience of our customers.
  • Chummy world
    We will create a chummy world where everyone can understand the social responsibilities through happy service with participation and where everyone can grow together.

Business Plan

We will be the true global leader through continuous challenge for innovative service, continuous pursuit of global and continuous growth and concentration to be No. 1 service provider.

  • Continuous challenge for
    innovative service
    We will win the future internet competition by completing the three key service areas, by developing the search in addition to the exchange and the communication, and as well as service innovation, which is beyond the boundaries of wired and wireless devices.
  • Continuous pursuit of
    We focus on a service with global competitiveness and will complete with global players by promoting our service to the global market beyond the domestic market.
  • Continuous expansion
    and concentration to be
    No. 1 service provider
    We are aiming to be No. 1 service provider and are focusing on the core services and will invest on the innovative service through efficiency, openness and collaboration.