Happy company workplace as playground

Happy Inovation

Workplace where employees can voluntarily work happily
Happy Innovation is SK communication’s cultural activity where employees voluntarily and happily
pursue creative innovation and concentrate on the pursue of the shared vision.
This Happy Innovation activity is shared and spread through Happy©, the internal communicator.
Happy© is a group of employees introducing stories of happy workplace and colleagues by
utilizing the talent in their interested area including picture, text, video and etc.
Happy©, which targets ‘communicating artist’, is the role of happy communicator through various
media and creative method including on-line, poster, wall poster, bathroom and etc.
“I’m the company!”
We make the happy and developing company together.

  • Happy Inovation Workshop
  • Comms Year-End Party

FT (Fun Together, Fantastic TeamPlay)

Start, Android! Collective Intelligence Programming, Get to know me meditation, Magic and Joy,
Red headband band, Expert of search development, BM patent analysis, Confucius said..
What are we talking about?
These are the names of FT that employees of SK communications have made.
SK Communications actively support and cheer liberated networking between employees through
autonomous learning and various interests of employees that want to be the experts.
Liberated community made of employees who enjoy studying and meeting.
Through 300 diverse and autonomous FT activities, the network with other colleagues and skill and
abilities through education will grow.

  • Comms of Rock
  • Comms FC