NateOn is the most widely used and mobile sync messenger service!

Since its inception in 2001, ‘NateOn’ has been providing messenger services that seamlessly sync wired and mobile networks across multiple platforms including PC, mobile, Mac or Linux. It is now one of the most widely used messenger services in the nation.

NateOn has maintained its technological competitiveness by continuously updating the convenient features it provides to users, and it has heightened user satisfaction and value with its own unique strategy. It provides trendy extra features to make the service more relevant to users, including:
‘Secret Talk’, which ensures privacy;
‘One-Time Message’, which is fun and also guarantees more freedom in conversation by making messages disappear after a certain period of time;
and ‘Mini-Talk’, which uses more text-based messages.

‘Team Room’ is a service for office workers based on the hierarchy of an organization and is specialized for the sharing of tasks within the office. It is also a tool for ‘collaborative communication’, and allows optimized group communication for not only organizations but also any group or gathering such as study groups or presentation teams.

NateOn also provides a relay service for those with hearing impairments or other difficulties to allow everyone on the internet to communicate freely.

The line between cable and mobile networks is blurring, and messenger services are boasting a stronger presence with a focus on mobile platforms. NateOn has been no exception to this trend, and has been continuously evolving to become a platform for smarter and more convenient communication.

Synchronization between wired and mobile network

NateOn can be used both on PC and smartphone! It is a messenger that provides perfect multi-platform synchronization and uninterrupted transferring of not just messages but also files and pictures as well.

A messenger with emotion

NateOn provides more than just a set of basic emojis. Extra means of fun and hilarious communication include numerous ‘character stickers’, animated ‘Acticons’, and even customizable ‘My Emojis’, or emojis created by the users themselves. Let your unique side shine through NateOn!

A group community optimized for porject collaboration: TeamRoom

‘TeamRoom’ aims to build ‘a conversation space for group collaboration’. Clicking the ‘ⓣ’ icon on the upper-left corner of the NateOn menu will bring up a TeamRoom window. In this window, all related files and messages, along with the participating members of the team, can be easily viewed at a glance.

TeamRoom eliminates the need to decipher a messy list of e-mail recipients and CCs or to share every single development and other details within a group. All it takes to increase work efficiency and save time is to use TeamRoom, as it automatically organizes everything for you. Use ‘TeamRoom’ now, a smart messenger service that separates your personal space from your work space!