cymera is the most widely used and mobile sync messenger service!

Popularly dubbed by its users "the camera app that makes you pretty," Cymera uses facial recognition technology developed exclusively by SK Comms to automatically beautify or cosmetically transform faces in photos.

A simple touch of the screen applies real-looking makeup to the photo. The app also has functions such as ‘big eyes’ or ‘smile’ that lets users beautify their facial features. With hundreds of decoration features such as multiple camera lenses and shooting modes, unique filters, brushes, collage features, and stickers, Cymera boasts the best performance among its peers.

CNET, an American IT news outlet, picked Cymera as the "No.1 all-in-one camera app," proving the app's superior technology and competitiveness are drawing not only domestic but international recognition.

Since its launch in March 2012, Cymera has recorded over 200 million downloads. 85% of its entire user base consists of international users and it's been among the top apps in overseas app markets, leading the hallyu, or Korean wave, of mobile applications. Cymera first gained popularity in the Southeast Asian market before it began to attract consumers in America and Europe. Its popularity now stretches even to the opposite side of the globe, namely, to Brazil and other South American nations. Cymera has, without a doubt, taken root as an application loved all around the world.

The app has recorded over 5 million downloads in more than 15 nations, 10 among which have seen over 10 million downloads. These numbers continue to grow. Cymera currently supports more than 12 languages including Korean, English, Spanish, German, and Chinese, with more languages planned to be supported in the future. Users all around the world have been recognizing the value of the app's unique and unparalleled retouching, editing, and selfie technologies such as its facial recognition and intricate step-by-step makeup features.

Cymera will not only continue to spearhead the development of retouching, editing, and selfie technologies, but also provide optimized photo editing features using ‘One Task’ methods.


Equipped with elaborate beautification features such as ‘big eyes’, ’touch-beautification’, ‘makeup’, ‘brightening’, and ‘whitening’, Cymera allows its users to freely and naturally retouch photos, creating fun and exciting selfies. Bring out your true hidden beauty with just a few touches of the screen on Cymera.

Even if you weren’t wearing any makeup when taking that selfie, you can apply natural-looking effects like an expert afterward. The app offers a line of tools from lipstick, mascara, and foundation of various colors along with a user interface designed to make you feel like you are really applying makeup on your face.


With Cymera, users can take pictures like an expert. They may even be able to take the best pictures of their lives.

Modes such as ‘continuous shooting’, ‘fish-eye lens’, and ‘toy camera’ are included in the app, providing an experience that doesn’t fall behind that of a D-SLR. Cymera will also aid users in capturing their special moments with special options such as ‘image stabilization’, ‘timer’, ‘out-focusing’, and ‘touch shooting’.


Users can write their own stories using their own photos with the ‘Collage’ feature, write messages in their own handwriting with ‘Brush’, and further embellish pictures with more than 800 stickers. That's not all. Over 100 filters, lighting effects, and borders with which users can further improve their pictures are at their disposal.

The app even comes with an Instafit function for Instagram and a new mirror effect. Download Cymera today and let your imagination run wild!